Solana Beach Medical Wigs Specialist

Solana Beach Medical Wigs Specialist
Louticia Grier of Solana Beach is a medical wigs specialist. Her company makes wigs for cancer patients and offers guidance on how to submit your documents to your insurance company.

Coping with cancer is difficult enough, and losing your hair in the process just adds to the emotional pain. So, when women cannot get a medical wig for hair loss in their own hair type, it just adds insult to injury.

After all, these types of wigs are not for vanity purpose, but rather for a medical condition. For this reason, women should be able to easily acquire a cranial prosthesis that compliments their natural hair texture.

Why Solana Beach Medical Wigs Specialist Louticia Grier Makes Cranial Prostheses

One of the main reasons why Louticia custom makes cranial prosthesis wigs is for women dealing with cancer. Another reason is the lack of availability for these types of wigs that are suitable for textured hair. When women are sent to spaces by their insurance companies for a medical wig, they expect to see products that reflect their hair preferences.

This makes women who are already experiencing a life altering health condition feel invisible. They want and deserve products that reflects them culturally.

As Solana Beach medical wigs specialist, Louticia’s A Diva’s Hidden Hair company is a resource for women of all ethnicities. Her custom made hair prostheses are made for women who are experiencing medical hair loss.

The above wigs are pre-made cranial prostheses made by Louticia Grier. For women with a standard head size, these are ideal. But if you’re looking for something for specific, Louticia can custom make a wig for you with any hair length, cap size, hair color, and other options you may like.

Different Styles Of Cranial Prosthesis Wigs

In addition to medical wigs, Louticia also makes head band wigs, hats with hair attached, and various other types of hairpieces. These hair systems are uniquely made to ensure comfort. For example, the technique used to attach the hair focuses attention on avoiding using knots that may touch the scalp.

Literally thousands of women around the world have validated the work that Solana Beach medical wigs specialist Louticia Grier does. If you have been looking for a medical hair loss wig, you have finally arrived at the right place. Book your consultation today and start living life to the fullest again!

Solana Beach Medical Wigs Specialist