Are Cranial Prosthesis Made With Real Hair?

Are Cranial Prosthesis Made With Real Hair?
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Are Cranial Prosthesis Made With Real Hair?

A cranial prosthesis can be made with synthetic or real hair. With 100% human hair, the wig will last longer, as well as look more natural. In fact, we can match the texture and color of your own hair! Regardless which hair type you choose, a cranial prosthesis is a wig made specifically for patients with medical conditions. These medical conditions include, cancer, trichotillomania, alopecia totalis, alopecia areata, or other medical conditions that results in hair loss.

Types of Cranial Prosthesis

There are many different types of base material used for medical wigs. As such, deciding which cranial prosthesis wig base is right for you can become overwhelming.

Here are three of the more common bases used in the application for medical wigs:


Lace front wig base uses very thin lace across the front of the hair prosthesis. This gives the illusion of a natural hairline. However, you can only part your prosthesis in the front. There, it can be parted in the middle, either side, bang parts and can be put up into a ponytail or bun.

The full lace base offers the most flexibility for styling your hair prosthesis. The lace covers the entire base cap. Therefore, you can part your hair anywhere you like and create unlimited hairstyles.


This type of base gives the appearance that the hair is growing from the scalp. Breathable, thin fabric is placed at the prosthesis hairline or the front of the head. There’s ample ventilation and comfort at the base top. It will breathe while being worn which prevents itchiness and irritation. Also, due to the ventilation, it will prevent moisture buildup and heat.


If you have to apply a cream or get injections to your scalp, this type of base is a viable option. It’s also ideal for people with thinning hair. It allows you to pull your existing hair through the unit. Your natural hair is combined with the hair in the wig to create more volume and complete head of hair.

All three above wig bases can be used in the construction of a custom cranial prosthesis wig made with real hair. However, the full lace base provides all-over coverage and is the most flexible for various hairstyles.

Because the full lace option covers the entire base cap, you can create unlimited hairstyles by parting your hair anywhere you like.

Aside from the three types of bases used in cranial prosthesis above, there are hundreds more to choose from. And we will help you choose the perfect base that’s ideal for your hair loss concern.

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Are Cranial Prosthesis Made With Real Hair?