Helping you be as beautiful now as you’ve ever been.


Helping you be as beautiful now as you’ve ever been.

Customer Reviews

Looking for Cranial Prosthesis customer reviews? Take a moment and read through some of the emails, tweets, Google reviews, and Facebook posts we’ve received from our loyal customers.

Customer Review | CranialProsthesis.netMegan Catanese

I cannot say enough good things about this company! Losing all of your hair for absolutely no reason is hard, and by hard, I mean devastating. I purchased so many wigs, hats, creams, and potions. All in an effort to restore some of my identity, but it has not been easy. I had a small issue with my order, and Louticia was amazing! She is 100% committed to her product and services and takes pride in her work. She worked with me to ensure that I was satisfied with my order. And I was so appreciative of her kindness and commitment. I would highly recommend this company and its products. You will not be disappointed in the service!

Customer Reviews | CranialProsthesis.netFrancine Brady

This hat with hair is wonderful! I am going through chemotherapy and lost most of my hair. This hat with hair is a lifesaver for me. I wear it to do errands and to go to my appointments. Its very well made and the hair and color is so similar to my original hair. The hat is soft and the brim is not wide at all like other hats. The seller is wonderful and very accommodating. If you are experiencing hair loss this is a must purchase.

Review - Dawn ArpinoDawn Arpino

What a beautiful hat! The hair is so soft and the color looks just like my own when it had caramel balayage. The best is I can wear it with my hair tucked behind my ears and you can’t even tell I’m bald. This is my go to hat! The seller was a pure pleasure to deal with abs great communication!

Customer Reviews | CranialProsthesis.netDeidra Burke

Absolutely love my new hat with hair. Great quality and perfect fit! Louticia is an expert at taking care of women with hair loss. This hat is well-made and the human hair is outstanding!

Review - Tara ShafferTara Shaffer

I get so many compliments on both hats. They are perfect. Hair is silky soft just like my original hair was. Great quality!! ❤️

Review - Barbara D.Barbara D.

LOVE my new hat with hair! It is fabulous as it feels soft on my head and makes me feel pretty! Thank you so much!

Customer Review Tammy McCraryTammy McCrary

I have had the honor of knowing Louticia Grier, the proprietor of A Diva’s Hidden Hair for more than 12 years. Louticia has been the hairstylist and wigmaker for many of my friends, family and clients over the years. Wearing her systems allowed me to rest and grow my natural hair. Louticia not only provides beautiful custom systems but specializes in natural hair care as well. She is always my number one choice for the best systems and hair care. She is absolutely the best!

Jeraldine JacksonJeraldine Jackson

This is an OUTSTANDING PRODUCT!! I recommend to anyone looking fo a soft natural feeling, and attractive head cover.

Review - WGorris1WGorris1

Love these! Bought the red & brown!

Customer ReviewNeferiatiti Holt

Louticia and Cecelia are the perfect duo. It’s a one stop shop where you can get your hair, hair products and great customer service. They provide customized hair systems and more! Do yourself a favor and have a life changing experience by becoming a lifetime customer.

Customer ReviewMachon Method

I can’t say enough about how amazing the services are. I’m forever grateful and would highly recommend any and everyone to get their hair done by these amazing ladies; Louticia and Cecelia. I’ve never gotten more complements than I do now. I’m always happy with my hair.

Customer ReviewKen Thurman

Nothin but the best here! Diva’s beware….u gonna rock a killer new doo hrre! These ladies are artists. I donated hair for their custom hair system creations. So many people are misled by hair replacement systems. These ladies create surreal hair systems for both men and women that look professional and natural.

Customer Reviews 01.30.22