Why Use ‘My New Hairline Base’ Net Cap For Weave Sew-Ins?

Why Use 'My New Hairline Base' Net Cap For Weave Sew-Ins?
Most protective hairstylists will make it clear that you need to use a net cap for weave sew-ins. For this reason, A Diva’s Hidden Hair Manufacturer has included this custom made item in its line of products.

A net cap for weave sew-ins is a hair extension technique. It involves sewing a loosely woven net to braided hair, then sewing extension hair to the net.

This technique protects the braids, thereby helping the weave style to last longer. Also, it’s ideal for minimizing the tension that can come from sewing weft hair directly to braids.
Additionally, a weave cap made from net fabric is sturdier than a net (the traditional hairnet material). You can use net caps for weave sew-ins to create a stable base for any weave style.

Speaking of creating a stable base for hair extensions, that’s exactly what ‘My New Hairline Base’ does.

My New Hairline Base Weave Net Cap

‘My New Hairline Base’ is the best net cap for weave sew-ins. It’s manufactured by A Diva’s Hidden Hair Manufacturer. And, it’s available for purchase here.

If you live in Solana Beach or surrounding areas, it’s available locally at Uptown New York Style hair salon.

Why Use A Net Cap For Weave Sew-Ins?

The net cap provides a barrier between your own hair and pulling from the thread. Additionally, this net cap for weave sew-in technique creates a flat foundation on the braids for your install.

Moreover, women with high foreheads no longer have to start the weave far back on the head. This net cap is available in three different colors; black, beige and brown. The soft, expandable material allows the weave cap to fit the head like a glove. It’s very comfortable and breathable.

This is an innovative technique for protective hairstyles like weave sew-ins. And a protective style should do just that – protect the natural hair. We all live for that flawless installed sew-in. But, there’s nothing more upsetting than a protective style having adverse effects on natural haircare.

In essence, no one gets a sew-in with the plan that once it’s taken out, their hair will be brittle. But, if care isn’t take for a proper install, oftentimes it could be doing just that.

To protect natural hair, people are seeking ‘My New Hairline Base’ net cap for weave sew-ins as a safe solution.

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Why Use \'My New Hairline Base\' Net Cap For Weave Sew-Ins?