How To Treat An Itchy Beard

How To Treat An Itchy Beard
Men with facial hair are interested to know how to treat an itchy beard. While bearded men look ruggedly handsome, maintenance and care can sometimes be daunting. Whether you’ve just started wearing a beard or had it for a while, proper maintenance is crucial.

After all, no man wants to experience the constant discomfort of an itchy beard. Not only that, but constant scratching can make the skin even more irritated. Follow our guide on what causes an itchy beard and how to soothe your dry skin under beard.

What Causes Beard Itch?

New Beards. When you first decide to grow a beard, it’s not uncommon to have an itchy stubble. When you shave, you leave a sharp edge to each hair follicle. Once it starts growing, the tougher bristles of the hair scrape against the edges of the follicle. And this is what causes an itchy stubble.

Fully Grown Beards. Dry skin under your beard may be the cause of the itch for fully grown beards. After all, the facial hair removes the moisture from the skin by soaking it up into the hairs.

Given that the moisture quickly evaporates from the beard hairs, the skin is left extremely dry or flaky. Sometimes, even causing beard dandruff. Also, dead skin cells that usually get removed by daily face washing get stuck in the hair. And the oil and dirt build-up can cause skin irritation.

How To Stop An Itchy Beard?

There are steps you can take to prevent an itchy beard, see our routine to get rid of your beard itch.

Cleanse. Regularly cleanse and exfoliate your face to avoid any dirt getting stuck in the hair. Facial hair is different from the hair on top of your head. So, regular shampoo may not be the best option for your beard. It can strip the natural oils from your hair and make it dry. Instead, opt for a quality beard-specific shampoo or cleanser. They are more suitable for the facial hair and sensitive facial skin.

Condition. If you’ve got a longer beard, use a special beard conditioner to detangle and soften the hair. Once you’ve cleansed your beard, apply conditioner and leave it in for a few minutes before rinsing. When choosing a conditioner, look for products with natural ingredients such as argan oil or jojoba oil. These are great for softening and strengthening your beard.

Dry Your Beard. Even though this step is often overlooked, it’s quite an important one. Make sure to properly dry your beard. Leaving the water in can dry both your skin and beard out. Eventually, causing a beard rash. Gently towel dry your beard after cleansing to soak up the excess water.

Moisturize. – Moisturizing is another important step when tackling beard rash. Use a lightweight beard oil or lotion to soften your hair and nurture the skin underneath. A great product to take care of your beard itch is Scalp Ease. It instantly relieves the itch, reduces inflammation, and soothes the skin.

Brush. Regular brushing will not only give your beard a clean shape, but will also train your hairs to grow in a single direction. As a result, this will help to avoid ingrown hairs and itchiness.

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How To Treat An Itchy Beard