Cranial Prosthesis Specialist in Solana Beach, CA

Cranial Prosthesis Specialist in Solana Beach, CA
Louticia Grier is the top cranial prosthesis specialist in Solana Beach, CA and San Diego County. Not only are her wigs high quality, but they are custom handmade with care using 100% human hair. If you’ll looking for pre-made prosthetic wigs, you can find them in her online store at

Otherwise, to ensure a perfect fit, book a consultation to start the process with this top cranial prosthesis specialist. In addition to getting a perfect fit, you can have the exact style, hair length, color and hair texture you desire. After all, Louticia is also a master wig maker.

There’s a plenty of information online surrounding this topic. But you’re not sure what a cranial prosthetic wig is, here’s a brief description. A cranial prosthesis is a custom made wig. It’s specially designed for patients who have lost their hair as a result of a medical condition. These treatments and conditions include chemotherapy, alopecia, and other clinical treatments or illnesses that results in hair loss.

What Is A Cranial Prosthesis Specialist?

A cranial prosthesis specialist is a skilled individual who constructs and designs wigs for those dealing with hair loss. We are meticulous in every step of the prosthetic wig making process. Ensuring that your proper measurements of your head for the perfect fit for you and only you.

As a cranial prosthesis specialist, my job is to make sure you have the necessary information to make an informed decision. Hair loss is traumatic enough without getting the run around when you need help.

With this in mind, here are a few things you should know about buying a medical wig.

  • Most insurance polices cover the cost of your medical wig. However, there are some insurance polices that only cover a percentage or none at all. Given these points, you should carefully review the benefits, exclusions, and term of your insurance policy.
  • Be sure to check our benefits prior to buying your medical wig as you may not be reimbursed.
  • Depending your diagnosis, coverage can vary. For example, some policies may cover for alopecia but not for chemotherapy. To find out if your condition is covered, give them the diagnosis code you obtained from your doctor. They will let you know what your plan covers.
  • When speaking with your insurance company, make sure you write down the details of the call. For instance, the date and time of the call, as well as the representative’s name. And definitely the reference number that the representative will give you.

Cranial Prosthesis Specialist in Solana Beach, CA