Why Medical Wigs Are Necessary For Cancer Patients

Why Medical Wigs Are Necessary For Cancer Patients
Medical wigs for cancer patients are not just ordinary wigs. Instead, they specifically designed for this purpose. And they even have a different name which is ‘cranial prosthesis’. Although the choice to wear a wig varies, wigs are a popular styling choice for both men and women.

But wigs for cancer patients are uniquely designed with a soft wig base and hair does not contain any knotting. This not only ensures a comfortable fit, but is also soft to an already traumatized scalp.

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Medical Wigs For Cancer Patients

Prosthetic hair wigs or cranial prosthesis are known as medical wigs. And many insurance providers will pay all or a portion of the cost for such a wig. If you’re losing your hair or it’s thinning due to medical treatment, you may be curious about trying out a wig.

Wigs not only conceal hair loss, but they help you look more like you did before treatment. They can also protect your sensitive scalp from cold air or the sun.

During cancer treatment, many women find that wearing a wig gives them a sense of normalcy. It can also provide privacy in helping you avoid people asking questions about your diagnosis or appearance. Some women like to have fun and experiment with different wig colors and styles. Or to switch between wearing a wig and other head coverings such as hats or turbans.

Chemo Hat with Hair Attached Medical Wigs For Cancer Patients
Chemo Turbans For Cancer Patients

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Covering The Cost Of A Wig

If your doctor writes a prescription, many health insurance companies cover all or a portion of the cost. After all, a wig is a remedy for a treatment side effect. And it’s just as important as medication you take to treat nausea.

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Why Medical Wigs Are Necessary For Cancer Patients