What To Expect From Your Well-Woman Exam

What To Expect From Your Well-Woman Exam
The purpose of a well-woman exam is to check more than just your health ‘down there’. Making sure you’re in the best possible health requires more than an annual physical. In fact, you should get check-ups for your reproductive organs and your breasts.

Oftentimes, your well-woman exam requires a women’s health specialist. Staying vigilante with your appointments and paying attention to what’s happening with your body is important.

There are many reasons why your well-woman exam is so crucial. First, it helps you to establish a rapport with a specialist as well as expert care. That way, if something goes wrong later on, you have a provider that’s familiar with your health. Not to mention, someone you feel comfortable talking to.

Not everyone feels comfortable talking to just anyone about issues ‘down there’. For this reason, the comfort level of seeing a provider is equally important as the level of care.

If you’ve never had a woman’s wellness exam, the thought of scheduling one for the first time may make you feel nervous.

Why You Need a Well-Woman Exam

Unlike doctor’s appointments and regular physicals, a woman’s wellness exam is focused around the health of your breasts, uterus, cervix, and vagina. While your overall health is taken into account, the main purpose of a woman’s wellness exam is your reproductive health.

In general, your exam should include a breast exam, pap smear, and a pelvic exam. Because these exams can catch early signs of cancer or other health problems, they are essential.

During your appointment, you can also speak with your doctor about other health concerns you have.

What To Expect During A Woman’s Wellness Exam

Depending on your health status, age, and other factors, your healthcare provider may do things a bit differently. But generally, a well-woman visit starts with questions about your overall health. They’ll also check your vitals, then you’ll get into one of those high-fashion hospital gowns to examine your pelvic area and breasts.

There’s nothing you need to do for your exam in advance, just come as you are.

Getting your first well-woman exam may seem like there’s a lot going on once they start examining you. So never hesitate to ask your doctor to explain what they’re doing. You should also ask as many questions as you need to be comfortable.

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What To Expect From Your Well-Woman Exam