Look As Beautiful As You Truly Are, Without Makeup!

Look As Beautiful As You Truly Are, Without Makeup!

Makeup should be done for pleasure and not to conceal your beautiful self. This is how you can enjoy yourself and show off your uniqueness. When you wear makeup to look beautiful, you’re hiding insecurities under all that makeup.

You can be beautiful as you truly are without makeup. Healthy skin and good psyche is more important and healthier than many cosmetic products. So, I’m listing you the secrets of beautiful with little makeup or better – none at all.

1. If your skin is healthy, then you always look beautiful. All you need to have is a healthy diet and be conscious about your sleep cycle. Also staying away from smoking is a must.

2. Eyebrows are one of the most noticeable details that affect the face therefore your beauty. Your eyebrow shape should be appropriate for your face. Brush your brows and have them waxed by a professional.

3. Drink lots of water. Water hydrates the skin. It makes the skin look young and alive. It can also prevent dark circles under the eye.

4. Emphasize your lips with cream or moisturizer to make them smooth.

5. By only emphasizing your eyelashes, you can look like you’re wearing makeup. A good transparent mascara or eyelash curler gives great results.

6. Always clean your face. Especially before going to bed and don’t forget to moisturize. Using mint leaves and rose water leaves your face feeling soft and refreshed.

7. You should get 8 hours of sleep every night. Sleep is a must for your eyes to look rested and your skin to be renewed.

8. Always apply sunscreen, regardless of the season or weather condition. Excessive exposure to the sun not only causes premature aging, but also melanoma.

9. How’s your smile? A big smile is equal to being beautiful. For this, your teeth should be cared for and white.

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