Taking A Natural Approach To Healthy Hair

Taking A Natural Approach To Healthy Hair | Cranial Prosthesis
Natural healthy hair begins with a healthy scalp. Many men and women have discovered that hair loss is far more common than most imagine. There is no magic natural cure, albeit some medical hair loss treatments may offer minimal results.

Natural Approach To Healthy Hair

Since organic farming has gained more support and organic foods are more readily available, plenty of people are more mindful of how they treat their bodies. A balanced diet and regular exercise may help you look and feel good, and we all know that when it comes to food, fresh rather than processed is preferable. This same natural approach should be extended your scalp and hair care. A healthy diet rich in nutrients and vitamins, plenty of water, and using organic hair products may also have positive benefits for your skin, hair and scalp.

Here’s an excellent organic shampoo developed by Louticia Grier. This pH balanced Scalp Protection Shampoo is specifically formulated to wash away chemical residue after a chemical treatment and it softens the hair cuticle layer.

Scalp Protection Shampoo

Keeping hair in top condition involves good haircare and a healthy lifestyle. Regularly shampooing your hair is recommended, but it does not need to be daily. As is true of many things; too much of a good thing can be bad. Shampooing your hair too often can cause dry hair which can lead to unnecessary breakage. Not washing your hair daily can help it stay hydrated, due to its natural oils.

Using hot water to shampoo your hair is also not advisable. Hot water dries the scalp and hair which can cause dandruff or make dandruff worse if you’re already have issues with dandruff. Warm or cold water is preferable to wash your hair as it will not dry your hair nor scalp and it will soften your scalp. And just as you avoid ingesting chemicals, minimizing the use of and taking precaution when applying chemical treatments is highly recommended. Always check the labels of shampoos hair dyes, relaxers and other hair products so that you know the ingredients they contain. Opt for natural, good quality professional hair products such as the scalp protection shampoo we mentioned above for healthy hair and treat yourself to professional haircare.

Lifestyle Factors To Consider

While most hair loss can be attributed to genetic factors, medical conditions also play a part.

Chronic stress is another contributor to hair loss and depending on the severity of your stress, you might consider adapting a new lifestyle (small steps at first) where possible to help reduce your stress levels. This can be achieved through talking with a medical practitioner, family, friends, regular exercise, and other activities such as meditation, yoga and acupuncture.

Overall good health can help enhance the appearance of your scalp, hair, and keep them both in healthy condition. If you are experiencing hair loss, you should certainly seek help from a hair loss specialist or medical practitioner.

In Conclusion

Hair loss treatments have improved dramatically over the years, and there are many alternatives such as custom hair systems and human hair extensions that can help you take back your confidence with the gorgeous hair you deserve and ensure your hair looks healthy and perfectly natural. To learn more about our organic hair products or to find out how we can help you obtain healthy hair, contact our hair healthy hair expert today.