Cranial Hair Prosthesis Near Me San Diego

Cranial Hair Prosthesis Near Me
If you find yourself looking for cranial hair prosthesis near me, they are available at A Diva’s Hidden Hair Manufacturer. In fact, these cranial hair prosthesis are handmade by Louticia Grier. For Louticia, it’s both an honor and sincere privilege to have the opportunity to assist those in need of hair prosthesis.

Cranial Hair Prosthesis Near Me

Coming to terms with an abnormal loss of hair takes time, and sometimes, many tears. Whether it’s due to cancer treatment, genetics, or aging, many women feel uncomfortable with their new appearance.

And when you search online for cranial hair prosthesis near me, you don’t always get the best results. At least, not at first. But, we’ve helped many women find their way through this struggle. Our high-quality, natural looking prosthetic wigs are custom made by a Master Wig Maker.

12" Ruby Red Wavy Wig Indian Hair

14" Dark Brown Wavy Chinese Hair

Our cranial prosthetic wigs are more secure on your head than a regular wig. And they cup your head for a perfect fit. Plus, we can make this with or without a poly bond. The choice is yours.

The thing is, cranial prostheses are only part of the solution. In order to fully accept hair, there are a few things you should consider doing.

Ask A Doctor For Help

A doctor such as an Oncologist or Dermatologist, can tell you a lot about your hair loss. From the rate of loss to even the possibility for regrowth. In fact, if it’s non-chemo related hair loss, your doctor may be able to stop the losses. So, just because it’s inheritable, it doesn’t mean that ‘your’ hair loss has to happen.

Talk To A Family Member

Already uncomfortable with your hair loss, we get that you wouldn’t want to discuss it with a distant cousin. But close family and friends are there to help you get through difficult times. And talking with them can even boost your self confidence. In other words, you don’t have to go through this alone.

Cut Your Hair

You can get a really cute short hair cut. This could make you feel more empowered. Because hair loss can sometimes make you feel as if you have no control over your life. Plus, it makes the gradual balding less scary.

Purchase A Cranial Hair Prosthesis Wig

When you’re asking about cranial hair prosthesis near me, you’re referring to a custom prosthetic wig. And because this is a very personal thing, we know where you can get the very best. Buying the proper fitting cranial prosthesis can be difficult without help. For this reason, at our Uptown New York Style salon, you can get professional styling and consultations. We are here to help you find the hair prosthesis that’s perfect for you.

What are you waiting for? Call us today at (619) 820-0290 for a free consultation!

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