Best Way To Cover A Receding Hairline

Best Way To Cover A Receding Hairline
It’s no secret that many Black women deal with how to cover a receding hairline. And thin hairlines are also problematic for Black women. In general, ‘edges’ have become a separate element in the Black hair care market.

In fact, the two main products in this category are (1) edge control and (2) edge regrowth. So, is this an indication that we’re controlling our edges to the point that they need the regrowth products?

Reasons Why Women Have To Cover A Receding Hairline

According to the Journal of The American Academy Dermatology, traction alopecia (TA) is often attributed to certain hairstyling practices. While this may be true, it’s only part of the story.

When you think about it, almost anything that’s meant to be a good thing, can turn out bad. This is because it’s either overused or not used correctly. And in the case of Black women hairstyling practices, when TA is the result, the style was not done correctly.

The point is, when a professional stylist understands and knows how to do an install, the result is not traction alopecia. And they’ll know the best way to cover a receding hairline if it’s already prevalent prior to providing the service.

Some of the causes of a receding hairline or thinning edges include:

1. Heredity – Genetics play a role in many areas of our body. From a person’s eye color to diseases a person is prone to. And genetics is a factor in a receding hairline or thinning hair.

2. Weaves – Weave glue can indirectly causing damage to the scalp by causing an allergic reaction. It can also damage the hair follicles directly by pulling on the hair. The preferred method for weave installs at our Uptown New York Style salon is sew-ins. And we’re especially careful not to braid tight so as not to place tension on the follicles.

3. Tight Hairstyles – While a high ponytail has been popular for several years now, it can cause permanent hair loss. How? Because you’ll want that slick back look with your edges neat and flat. And to accomplish this, many women often pull the hair too tight.

The Best Way To Cover A Receding Hairline

There’s a lot of information online about how to avoid losing your hairline. But if this has already happened to you, all is not lost. The best way to cover a receding hairline or thinning edges is by using ‘My New Hairline Base’. This product was designed by Master Wig Maker Louticia Grier.

Not only is it great for covering thinning edges, but it also provides a hairline. This product is fantastic for women and men too, who have a high forehead. You know, when the front part of your hair is too far back? Many of our clients have expressed their gratitude for ‘My New Hairline Base’. Their self-esteem has been restored and they feel whole again. Not to mention their hairstyles look as they always wanted them to.

If you’re dealing with a receding hairline or thinning edges, we have the best way to cover your receding hairline. To schedule a free consultation, call (619) 820-0290 or contact us online.

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