Looking Your Best During Chemotherapy

Looking Your Best During Chemotherapy
Different cancer treatments can change many aspects of your appearance. For this reason, looking your best during chemotherapy is important as it can help you look and feel more like yourself, as well as boost your confidence.

It’s a life-changing reality discovering that you have cancer, and the visible side effects just adds more stress to an already overwhelming situation. In addition to the emotional and physical changes, beauty routines are also effected for those going through cancer treatment. For example, brittle and dark nails, thinning or loss of hair, sparse eyelashes and eyebrows – thus impacting one’s body confidence.

That’s why companies like A Diva’s Hidden Hair Manufacturer designs a line of wigs specifically for cancer patients. These medical wigs are unique in structure, thus a comfortable and perfect fit for each cancer patient. While there are ready-made cranial prostheses on their website, they also hand-make custom medical wigs. In addition, other head covers are available on their website such as chemo turbans with and without hair, and hats with hair attached.

So, this takes care of your scalp hair loss. But looking your best during chemotherapy also means different skin and nail care.

Looking Your Best During Chemotherapy: Skin, Nails and Makeup Tips

Both cancer and its treatments can cause complexion changes as well as loss of facial hair like eyebrows and eyelashes. And as many cancer patients agree, tackling these small beauty problems can help you feel like yourself again.

With the right information, there are many things you can do to keep looking your best during chemotherapy. Doing so can help you avoid having conversations with people that you’re not ready to have. Plus, you can go to work with confidence and feel less fearful that coworkers will categorize you as a sick person.

Before using any products on your face or other areas of your body, speak with your cancer care team. That said, here are a few tips for skin, nail and brow care during cancer treatments.

Makeup and Soothing Your Skin

Some cancer treatment drugs can leave an acne-like rash on the face which can be itchy, large, red, and even painful. Topical steroids, oral or topical antibiotics can reduce inflammation and speed healing. However, you should avoid over-the-counter creams that contain salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide, as they can severely dry skin. But again, your doctor and care team will know best how to treat this, so consult with them first.

For minor discoloration on the face, you may be able to use cosmetic-free makeup foundation and press powder. Using even a thin layer can make a big difference in hiding discoloration caused by treatment. Of course, if your cancer involves any part of your face or neck, ALWAYS consult with your care team before using makeup.

Enhancing Missing Eyebrows

Draw on your eyebrows using a wax-based pencil as it will stay put better even if you perspire. There are also realistic looking fake eyebrows, but these are usually applied with glue and can irritate your skin during chemo.

To help give you guidance where your natural brow starts and tapers, consult with a makeup artist. If you’ve never consulted with one, your oncologist can help you locate someone who specializes in cancer patients.

Caring For Your Nails

Many cancer drugs can cause nails to look bruised, turning black or brown and developing grooves or ridges. For this reason, moisturizing your nails and keeping them cut is important. To avoid bacteria, you should not use artificial fingernails. If you want to wear nail polish to hide the discoloration, when removing the polish, use an oil-based removal rather than an alcohol-based one to avoid drying out your nails. And when doing gardening or housework, wear gloves to protect your nails.

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Looking Your Best During Chemotherapy