Hair System Base Types and Purpose

Hair System Base Types
Hair system base types are too many to write about in a single post. But, deciding which one you prefer in crucial to order the right hair system for your unique needs.

Whether you’re new to hair systems or have worn one for a while, it’s important to know the range of hair system base types.

There are reasons for so many different hair base types. Not everyone want their whole head covered. Or want a hair base with elastic due to thinner skin scalp. And there are a host of other reasons as well.

Hair Replacement System Base Types

At our A Diva’s Hidden Hair manufacturing center, we have been designing hair systems for over 4 decades. We can create any base type you desire. Here are 4 of the most popular hair replacement system bases:

1) Skin with lace front
2) Full Skin base
3) Full Lace base
4) Lace/mono with a polyurethane (PU) edge

Lace base for hair systems

This type of hair system base is ideal for people who want to balance natural appeal with durability. Hair systems constructed with this base type are known to last longer than normal skin base systems. The two most popular types of lace base systems are:

French lace – It’s breathable, delicate, yet durable. It’s best suited for the front of the hair system due to it’s natural looking color.

Swiss lace – This is the most undetectable, breathable and natural base material. It’s very comfortable to wear, soft, delicate and very thin. However, it doesn’t last as long as other materials and it will need to be replaced more frequently.

If you’re concerned about custom hair systems fitting cost, don’t worry. We will help guide you through the entire process.

Skin base for hair systems

People who don’t want to compromise on the appearance of their hair system choose the Skin Base. This hair system base is very thin and looks like part of your skin. So, it completely undetectable.

There are 4 types of skin bases:

Poly skin – 0.14mm and last estimated 5 to 6 months
BIO skin – 0.08mm, lasts estimated 3 months
Silicon – 0.25mm and estimated life is 12 to 8 months
Ultra thin skin – 0.03mm, lifespan estimated 3 months

We can performed various types of ventilation on these skin hair system bases.

Mono base

Some people prefer durability more than an undetectable look. So, a mono hair system base types are an ideal option for them. There are 4 types of monofilament hair system bases:

  1. German Net – Less natural, but more durable than Fine Welded Mono, Fine Mono, and Super Fine Mono.
  2. Fine Mono – The most common mono. This base design supports higher densities, is durable and breathable. However, it must be folded if used as the edges of the base.
  3. Super Fine Mono – This base is more delicate due to the smaller holes. It must be folded if used at the base edge and it’s not suitable for high densities.
  4. Fine Welded Mono – This mono has a lace front and it’s the strongest. It can support higher densities, it’s natural and very durable.

Cranial Prosthesis Hair System Base Types

A cranial hair prosthesis is a hair system designed specifically for those suffering from hair loss due to medical conditions. Unlike an off-the-shelf wig, each prosthesis is custom hand made to fit.

Here are a few examples of base materials for cranial prothesis:

If you have to apply a cream or get injections to your scalp, this type of base is a viable option. It’s also ideal for people with thinning hair. It allows you to pull your existing hair through the unit. You natural hair is combined with the hair in the system to create more volume and complete head of hair.

This type of base gives the appearance that the hair is growing from the scalp. Breathable, thin fabric is placed at the prosthesis hairline or the front of the head. there’s excellent ventilation and comfort at the base top. It will breathe while being worn which prevents itchiness and irritation. Also, because ventilated, it will prevent moisture buildup and heat.

Lace front base uses very thin lace across the front of the hair prosthesis. This gives the illusion of a natural hairline. However, you can only part your prosthesis in the front. There, it can be parted in the middle, either side, bang parts and can be put up into a ponytail or bun.

The full lace base offers the most flexibility for styling your hair prosthesis. The lace covers the entire base cap. Therefore, you can part your hair anywhere you like and create unlimited hairstyles.

In addition to all the hair base systems above, there are hundreds more. We are experts in hair system and cranial prosthesis base designs. So, we can literally design your system however you like using the most appropriate material for the application. Schedule your complementary consultation today or call (919) 820-0290.

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