Custom Wigs For Kids Hair Loss

Custom Wigs For Kids Hair Loss
Our custom wigs for kids offer the ease and convenience of covering your child’s entire head after significant hair loss. Your child can choose to match their hair color, or completely go for a new look. We custom make wigs for kids with a variety of options.

There is nothing more devastating than when your child experiences hair loss. As parents, you want a happy, healthy child. When you see their hair falling out, you want to do everything you can. Just imagine how your child must feel to not only see their hair falling out, but your reaction and lack of answers as to why this is happening.

Between school, peer pressure, and the general business of being a child, children already have a lot to deal with. And children with hair loss can undergo additional tough times. We have helped many children who suffer from various types of alopecia with our custom wigs for kids.

People of all ages, races and both sexes can develop alopecia areata, but it often first appears during childhood. Children who have alopecia areata go through different stages of awareness and acceptance of their disease as they grow and change.

Children five years old and younger appear to experience little emotional impact as a result of their condition. However, as they get older, it may become more difficult for them to accept their alopecia areata. Issues with self confidence may begin to affect their experiences at school and with friends.

Even children who have had alopecia areata since they were little may face new feelings and frustrations about their condition. They may also experience the desire to “fit in” with other children who don’t have alopecia areata. The fact is, even though alopecia areata is very common, many people still don’t understand what it is.

As parents you can help your child educate teachers and classmates. This will help your child with self-confidence and succeed in school.

If your child is suffering from hair loss, we can help. Louticia Grier makes beautiful custom wigs for kids so they can have the worry-free childhood they deserve. Call (+19) 820-0290 today for your free consultation.

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