Chemical Burn From Hair Color Treatment Option

When you are coloring your hair you should always protect your scalp and around your hair line. Hair color can cause chemical burns if you do not protect your scalp. This young lady in the photo has burned her scalp and skin around her face. She did not protect her skin before using a permanent hair color. It left her with burned and scared skin.

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Scalp Base Protection by Louticia Grier

Hair dye can strip the of natural pigment, thus replacing the color with a synthetic colorant. It is normal for minor irritation and redness to occur. If the hair dying process is not performed correctly and you get chemical burns, it can cause you hair to break and even stop growing in the burned areas. Scar tissue can form and if not treated, bacteria can form.

Many permanent and some semi-permanent hair dyes contain a chemical called paraphenylenediamine (PPD), which is a known irritant and allergen. This is the culprit of most reactions to hair dye.

Natural oils that are present on our scalp prevent us from getting chemical burns. Washing your hair with shampoo and water will strip your scalp of these natural oils.

Ensure that you do not wash your hair for at least 24 hours before you colour it. Additionally, make sure that your hair is free from other chemicals such as sprays and creams before you color it.

To prevent damage to your hair and scalp in addition to hair loss, pretty much any chemical treatment, it may be best to have it done by a professional cosmetologist.