Bumps On Your Scalp and Hair Loss

Bumps On Your Scalp and Hair Loss
If you have bumps on your scalp, your scalp is sore and irritated, or an itchy scalp, unfortunately, these can often be quite common. But, if you are assuming that the itching and bumps on your scalp is a temporary problem and you do nothing in the interim to clear up the problem, it could be related to a medical issue and you should seek immediate care.

You should not assume that bumps on your scalp or an itchy scalp is caused by dandruff. However, flaking dandruff caused by dry scalp skin is a common cause of an itchy scalp and it affects many people on a daily basis. You could try an anti-dandruff shampoo. If that doesn’t remedy the situation, it probably time to seek professional medical advice.

What is Causing Bumps On Your Scalp and Itching?

There are many reasons why your scalp may have bumps or is itching. These can include, but not limited to:

 Seborrheic Keratosis
 Natural Build Up on the Scalp
 Scalp Folliculitis
 General Hygiene
 Cradle Cap

The most common symptom of most scalp problems is itching, and it can be quite annoying. But, swelling, damaged hair, hair loss, redness, and skin infections are most likely signs that there is a more serious issue when it’s related to bumps on your scalp or itching.

Scalp Ease by Louticia Grier

Keratolytic therapy or antimicrobial treatments and special diets can be helpful for generic itching and bumps. There’s no doubt that one of the most effective solutions for itchy scalp is Louticia Grier’s Scalp Ease to reduce inflammation of the scalp, itching and dryness. Scalp Ease can be used daily and it’s especially helpful if your scalp is itching while wearing braids. Just spray a little onto your scalp and gently massage it in.

Different Reasons For Bumps On Your Scalp

The scalp is the skin covering your head, excluding your face. You’ve probably never given it much thought if you haven’t had any scalp issues. Below, we’ve put together a list of a few possible causes for bumps on your scalp.

Some conditions will only get better with medical care. The longer you leave that all-important visit to the doctors, the worse your condition may become, so please take action.

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